Quiet. No meeting. No other humans around me….

Thinking, about EVERYTHING.  All in the story, all in this room, what I’m doing after submitting this contract.  No workout tonight, not enough time.  AND, I need to get it out of the way in the morning.  Will go pack bag for gym NOW, or put clothes out.  Yeah, no need to pack a bag…. Just put out clothes.

Done.  5am, alarm set.  New routine… I am going to get stronger and be back in the goddamn 8-mile lunch run shape.  I don’t care if it KILLS me.  Well, no I do.  I’d rather it not, I have babies.

In bed by 11, and if I fail to do that I’m only hurting myself ‘cause I’m waking when that alarm goes off.

Waiting on ICB approval on contract composition.  Already marked deal as closed at all 3 sites.  106% of quota already for month.  HAVE TO SET UP ’22.  Media, notes, approach….  Make people happier in their businesses, and contribute to their existing language and communication….  IDEAS.  I’m addicted to each one that rolls in, lands on my thought lot like a random rain on diverse terrain.  Stretching again, up…