A self-talk project or journal when it comes to prospecting, that’s what I’m thinking I need to do.  Or not.  How about just emailing people, saying hi… going for a walk.

Thought I had a call today but don’t.  What now….  Lunch?  Maybe.  Where.  And the indecisiveness starts.  Messages back and forth, one laptop to another.  Going a little crazy and may need to stretch.  Any coffee left? …..  Yes, a good amount.  11:07…

Tonight’s meeting over Zoom with students, about writing your own story, turns to take in the narration and ideas like that.  Has to be the last semester.  Need to realize this envisioned bridge of the AE story and BDX.

Another email… need a drive.  Sheesh.  Then a text.  Keep seeing myself selling wine, MY wine.  Well, my sister making it so I guess ‘ours’ technically.

The. Chardonnay last night, Migration, a kind shape and tell of Chardonnay in my opinion.  And the Canvasback Cab was like this new frame of climate and wined composition that was different even from that last time I tasted it, in Alexander Valley with Chris.  That’s what I need, that’s what I want – THAT, where I’m headed.