How do I start the day. Still not ready for prospecting, WHY.

Why is this always my hurdle.  Say I want to make a project out of it, but then I balk, and stall….  Has to be the traffic I hit on the way over here, on 12.  Red lights blinking, people being animals driving thousand pound or more vehicles, just annoyed me.  No Starbucks though, just espresso at home and this Sonic coffee.

Looking for candy, like my daughter ….  Sent email to one prospect, then was interrupted by a call.  Not even going into it and not letting it touch my strength this morning.

Going to run a little after 3pm, not shooting for any distance.  May just do a quick 2-miler.  Need to to more of those shorter runs, meaning 2 or 3 miles, 5k tops.

Planning tasting trip on Saturday…. Have one settled destination, and that’s it, later in day.  Chris says just improvise till that later appointment.  Think I agree.  Yeah, I do.  The Duckhorn wines last night – well, Duckhorn portfolio labels – speaking to me more than I thought they would.  Each one, its own track, beat, feel and mood, “vibe” as so many say now.

coLAB again today.  Need isolation, the contrast, walls and windows.