Lunch done, back at both laptops.

After 12pm meeting, I’m of clear head and wishes, wanting more coffee but holding off for now.

What wine am I opening tonight? What do I want, what calls to the writer and this blogging bloke who is wrapped and directly antagonized by his own Newness and eagerness.  Thoughts everywhere, and by everywhere I mean in all places, all ideological and thoughtful, imaginative geographies.

Music in the background, from the kitchen.  Like late 70s or early 80s rock I think.  Mom put it on.  So like her.  Her and Dad readying to go to Geyserville to celebrate an old friend of the family’s daughter’s 40th birthday.  Wish I were going, somewhat, but would rather see the kids.  Obviously.

May drive to office, just for the drive and free coffee.  Only bringing AE laptop.  The Mike Madigan stay here.  Will miss this view thought from dining room table, out at Mayacamas.  More views, more travel… the airplane, my seat, the early flight and how nervous I was then trapped in SEA where I wrote, first to coffee then a roster of wine and craft beer, still writing and not slowed by the sips..