People have attitudes this morning.

Mostly clients with billing questions, inquiries, complaints and other.  Was going to say bullshit, but it’s not, in any way.  When BDX is fully alive, I will definitely be asking for explanations on invoices and what be.  So I get it.  Just when it hits you at one time it’s….  I don’t know, not fun.

A passel of to-do’s this morning, like an interconnected and shape-shifting gallimaufry of calls, pushes and pulls.  Breathing, and getting to all as I can, will.

Coffee, needed.  A cup soon as I entered office.  Tempered tilts of cup.  Looking for new businesses, conversations…. One day won’t have to.  Till then…. Explorer Mikey, me.  Where should I start today.  Berkeley maybe, or Marin… or the Peninsula.  Yes, perfect.

Working more from and in calendar, not starting new word docs for lists and reminders and whatever.  See how this works.  Still learning this AE story.  9:42, how did that happen?

Wrote new contact email.  See if this produces anything.

Now I have an attitude, but I’m not letting it develop.  Finding it comedic, making fun of myself.  Why am I so fragile, like a water balloon rolling past several buzzsaws…