11:18 and in office with cup of coffee in new side room in the SOC area.

Ran into someone from Field Services and he told me my name came up in a conversation for a possible build here in Santa Rosa….  And like that, my energy and tell is redirected.  Meeting scheduled today for 12:30 with friend/referral partner, after that to coLAB and building the #prospectesk idea… selling, no.  Storytelling and building, conversation and collaboration like I tell my students, YES.

Have only worked in this side office once I believe.  Still haven’t sipped coffee.  Probably shouldn’t, I’m alive after that conversation with Bobby, that he initiated.  I wan to truly live consistently with this perception so many have and voice of me – energy endless, positivity, creativity, blogging and writing, #PROFESSORMIKEY.

Okay, calm down I tell myself.  Chill beats, settling into late morning.  Email from attorney and my mood heightens even further.  The Monday thing doesn’t have to be the Monday ‘thing’.  Who started that?  It’s bullshit.

Charging AE phone, finding another lead – law firms in Berkeley and Albany, then tech companies in SF.  I’ve found something again, then again…. THIS, is Monday.  To me.

Cash in wallet?  Okay, good….  Looking forward to catching up with friend, hear more of his story.  OH… the résumé project, obviously catalyzed from Taryn and her move.  Then another idea, not typing here but writing in Paris journal.

11:40pm.  How long does it take to get to Redwood Café in Cotati…. 17 mins.  Will leave just a jab after 12.  First sip of coffee…. More alive.  Not that I need to be, but I am.

The #prosepctesk project… not about selling or even prospecting, but connectivity I’m seeing, HUMANS.  Bobby telling me about the conversation he had with someone else and my name voiced, I was connected to that conversation without being there.  Why.. must have been something I did, or that people in the company associate with me.

Another scene new –