Sent out contract, restarting AE laptop so update can run.

Have to use restroom but don’t want to get up.  May buckle in my convictions and head to HQ, avoid the visit fee at coLAB.  OR, I could make it worth it.  YES.. I will.

Update done already.  Huh, that was quick.  Usually takes forever and 5-7 business days.  In any event, the ideas are gifting me this morning… added to list, the meta of the idea, what it is and what it can do, if more insular – more inward jotting and conversation, less reliance on other humans no matter how seemingly saccharine.

Anywho…..  Monday morning.  Adding that to the list as well… writing about Mondays and how horribly stereotyped they are.  SHAME, I call.  Abominable lastima!  I’m more than composed in this chair, seeing only MY office and story – my eventual base, be it wherever.  Now looking at new domicile styles and locations, not letting other shove me to one street or another.  Not meant as a barb, more as a self-criticism and evaluation.. I need to be more a writer, especially when not writing.

61 days in year counting today.  Okay…. To coLAB.  Taking parcels of Sonic story and offering new architecture, tongue and lens.