7:57am, in office. No music yet. Wrote this morning, incredibly early.

Not ready to edit or post or copy and paste from phone to here.  Not yet.  Last day of the month to sell something.  How likely?  Not likely, at all.  So, I’m laughing at it, honestly.

Two matters to handle but may put off till Monday.  So tired, from waking as early as I did.  Head still in Sunriver, to be expected I guess, not having been on a vacation like that since…. Who knows.

Goddamn caffeine isn’t working.  Looking for a remedy or solvent for this block or stall in writing.  8:01am now, okay.. can leave for home to take a nap in about 2 hours.

Need to be writing OFFBLOG more like I noted this morning.. be more free, whether self-talking or working on a wine article or sketch, or running and how I keep putting it off…. Wake earlier, go to the gym, first thing like your friend and their roommate.  That’s the answer to much, I know.

When you’re tired, like now, you just kind of stop caring and be in a freer speed line to line.  Even punctuation, who cares.