Haven’t had straight espresso like this in weeks.

Better than a latte, driving all the way to sbux and spending $5 or more on a latte.

Want eggs.  Can scrabble some myself really quick, light breakfast and no lunch.  Idea yesterday of taking a sick day week after next to write, and that’s it.  Drive out to Bodega, find a couple spots, and produce pages for a sole project.  Book of essays, the ‘o/ver’ project.  May actually do it…

My notes from early yesterday morning…. Transferring later today.  Surprised I was up that early and wrote as much as I did on phone.

Breakfast, just sounds good….  Need to learn to cook. I will.  Simple recipes to start and more complicated as I go… hmmmm, maybe get something for dinner tonight, some snacks but gussy them up.  Book of recipes, thinking of that movie with Maggie Gyllenhaal where she has her own bakery, Stranger Than Fiction… her character mentions having several notebooks with receipts while in college.