9am – Latte, 4 shots, needed after yesterday and a night of off-an-on sleep.

Add minimalism to list.  Older I get I’m always looking for something to throw or give away.  All the “things” slow you down.  This book to my left, a big wine book that I bought at a Novato bookstore just because of its size and all the information in it.  Basic information, but it was like $25 and I thought why not.  Regretting now, but the gem of the example is it’s another THING to move or lug around.

The curiosity and want to get a new camera has all but evaporated and fully dissipated.  Only writing, only blogging…. In a mood this morning coming back from and a bit going to the new Starbucks.  Dismiss it, I tell myself.  So much noise around me…. All I want is quiet, my own place and space and entire uninterrupted way.

Set a schedule of hypothetical payments, and they’re not cheap.  Need other operations to make next months, and the month after.  Teaching at the community college going away I need to replace rev’…. How.  One idea, then another, then another which I’m not a fan of but it’s attractive and I’m not yet shedding it. 

Hungry and tempted to make a breakfast sandwich, the only thing on my inclusive menu, like I did yesterday.  Keeping self in fast, and not breaking it.  Not till after 12pm.  Not failing with this one.

Charging watch… now what.  Everything thought has application… apartment, condo, townhome, house, what’s next…. Minimalism.  All I need is a room and a page, on this laptop or a Composition Book, or the new Paris Journal from SEA.

Wrote back, friend asking for input on her cover letter and CV.  More ideas… build, move… more notes.