Source of Transport

Writing break over but not.

Happiness, and in a containment.

How is vacation over?  Wasn’t I just in that Starbucks in The Village, writing?

Here I am, in office.  Moving quick, nearly time for lunch.  How did that happen?  Time, not a matter of HOW it’s happening, just understand it IS happening and you either move or get passed.

Another writing break, WHY NOT.  Thought of something, wrote it down after talking to someone who has her own business and does freelance social media marketing.  Nearly lose my breath with this new idea and the one accompanying it… whoso….. save for later, don’t elaborate here.  I won’t.

Writing like I’m re-written as a human, as a person in this chair.  Time can’t touch me, even minutely or partially.  Second cup nearly dead… then done.  No more coffee.  A break. 

Someone talking loud in the next room, and curving my concentration not in any way I like.  Don’t listen…  I don’t.  “Right?….Right?……..RIGHT?” Person says, over and over.  Is he asking, or is he looking for validation or confirmation?  Now fascinated, not annoyed.

The shift…. Stopping me, forcing collection. Ignoring phone, email.  Simplify and some cases ignore…

Communication, with self.  MORE.