In office and sipping this coffee as forcefully as I can, quick.

Long list of to-do’s but driving home last night I thought of the detachment philosophy, not caring as much and doing as much as you can with little to no pressure.

Item 1, of course, go through emails…..  Just found out I have a lunch today, at noon?  That’s news to me….  Will get a confirm call around 9, and if not I’ll just be there anyway.  Not really dressed for a lunch so I guess back to house to change…. Then dentist later, at 4, maybe.  Thinking of cancelling it, just eating the cancellation charge.

Getting kids at EOD, then dinner.

This is what I hate about “vacation”, the storm when you come back.

Already knocked off a couple things from list.  See?  I’m thinking too much about it, too attached and just too obsessed or into it.  Another thing off the list, then another….

8:51am, need to email a client in a bit, an email I’m not looking forward to sending but have to since they want us to…. Never mind, not worth taking up the screen here.

That day, when you’re back from vacation, my friend David just saying “Welcome back to your punishment for taking vacay…” I laugh, one because it’s funny and two because I refuse to have a bad day back… that just sounds funny this morning, “bad day”.  Not happening.

Have to go through emails, and putting it off.  Why.  What am I afraid of?  Nothing, in a word.  Just don’t want to do it.  I will, just give me a couple…..

Coffee nearly done.  Shit.

Quick call with Sales Engineer… got through a couple emails.  “Oh yeah, I’m sure your email’s fucked..” Ditter the Engineer said, me laughing right along with him.  I have to simply unfuck it, right?

9:35, about to call a client for nonpayment.  This should fun and awesome…

Luckily he didn’t pick up.  Sent that email I didn’t want to, or wasn’t looking forward to. Not sure why I worry so much.  Not letting self anymore.  Have this second cup of coffee…

10:18… still cruising through emails.  Friend asks me if I like shrimp, I tell them I don’t trust people that don’t.  Not sure why I said that.  Obviously joking, but still, random… 

Writing break.  Think I might already be done with emails, or close to it.  Partially I’m happy but the other I’m sad and insecure. I need to build my book of business so that people are always emailing me… the Starbucks or tasting room metaphor.  People just coming through the door.

Good choice, coming to office this morning.  As I saw it, it was the only choice.  Was going to type time but it doesn’t matter.  Taking the day as a whole, a book.

No lunch at noon opens things up a bit… A salad at 3rd Street would be amazing.  OH, call to make, possible lead from this Sonoma business group I’m connected to over Facebook.  Called, left voicemail.