Last day, last cup of coffee in this seat.

Last night, my last walk in Sunriver…. While wind was intensively shoving the trees and making them sing those notes I only hear here, then back home to sleep one last night.  Time, again, being the devil it is.  More wildness and freeness, freeing beats in these pages, sworn.

Dinner at my sister’s house tonight, after the long drive.  Ugh, not looking forward to it, at all.  How do I make it go faster… document it.  Take pictures, write in Paris journal, write about and plan the next trip, be it to Sunriver or Colorado, Monterey or Santa Cruz, Fort Bragg….  Forgot about Fort Bragg, and how I wanted to check out the little town and coast up there.

Last cup of coffee….. it’s okay.  I need to get back into the AE story and close up the year.  And, close up the semester for the students.  Start planning 2022.  OR, just start ’22 NOW.  I like that better.  And the year, time, is conceptual.  That’s another topic or the same topic I’ve been boxing with for years, as you know.

My aim of 12/5 remains, the BDX office.  Whatever form it takes.  Maybe it’ll be a little suite at coLAB, or just me using coLAB and having the budget to go there whenever I need.  OR, something else. 

Work more than merely on the mind but an obsession.  My friend with the cheese plate business, me with the photog idea…  Something I need to type OFFBLOG.  To do with work, writing.. that idea from yesterday… life’s work.  The Now.

Sip your coffee, don’t think about this too much.  Mom and Dad over at the table one last time this trip, reading digital news and sipping coffee, maybe having one of those benyes we took home from Pine Tavern the other night.

Already over word limit for entry, oh well.  Keep typing I tell myself.  Be more wild, free, remember?  Messages from work, but another department.  Wake early tomorrow, I remind myself.  Call that one prospect, get him to sign.  Pretty sure I will, but it’s hard to tell especially when timelines are involved.  Not stressing about it, not letting self.

Now the coffee’s nearly done, like this trip. The symbol of the coffee, the morning, the Mike Madigan correlation and relationships with the coffee and the AE story, Sunriver, everything… into 2022.  Notes on everything from the towels I just tossed in the laundry room to packing my bag, about to put in car… to driving to Fort Bragg in a couple weeks, possibly.

8:50, taking bags to garage to position for loading into vehicle.  It’s really over, my vacation.  Another one, shortly, avowed.  No need for objects when I can have more of the Road.

In this new story, I can go anywhere I want.  Kind of want to see Portland… and San Diego, Santa Barbara… and just fucking everywhere.  Miami.  North Carolina, New York, Maine….  May’s well write EARTH.