On Mike Madigan keys now, in office.  Waiting for food truck to get here.  Nearly forgot it’s food truck Friday.. hear people laughing around the office, see smiles everywhere, saw my friend Mariah in HR to get a new hat… today is one of many this week that’s not only been easy but elevating and contributing to this new 12/5/21 target of being int he BLX office.  ‘BLX’, my new abbrev’ for the company.  Not sure why.  Looks cool I guess.

Messaging Ditter, then someone else, now what do I do?  Just wait for the truck I guess, more writing time…. OH, prompt for students and email them.  Will do that now..  Or, after I post this.

Jesus why is it so early.  10:59.

Now tired.  Let out a yawn maybe a little too loud.  Oh well. Meeting friend in territory at 2:30, then have a cocktail hour meeting with a wine conversation at 5… then after that an evening QUIET.  No humans, no voices, no conversations.  ME, Mountain Hawk, that’s it.

59 minutes till lunch.  Planning the remaining time in 10 minute manuscripts.





Pen & paper



Zen now.  Another feel.