Didn’t post most of what I wrote yesterday… today I vow to post everything.

No matter how personal or incriminating.  Attempts to entrap and incriminate me, hilarious.  No certain shifts in the shift are escalated.  Feels freeing and amazing to write this way, this free and carelessly.  Not that I don’t care or am being irresponsible in some way, just not caring of fallout or result, or consequence.

LoFi beats paired with a latte.  Wasn’t going to spend today, but the composition and sound from the cup I usually order is what I needed, what the matin meant for a writer to do.

Tomorrow… another set of steps toward the condo.  More explained in book.  I mean, I could explain it here, but electing not.  Friend messages me something silly, my wine friend Chris the one I go tasting with often, I laugh and decide against stress.  Have a couple things to do today, of course class tonight, then…. what.

The morning if many times like this, where I feel that tightness and stress associated with everything I have to do much of which doesn’t need be met right away.  Why do I do that, and especially now at this age and more as I age?

8:55, latte working a little I guess.  My architecture of attitude is sharp, intended.  Meeting at 11, and I’m letting everything be known.  There needs to be more aggression, more intention, more of a depth and understanding of what’s needed in MY story, my province in this seismological riddle. 

Where am I working after this?  Acre… has to be.

9:20, a couple things already off list for morning.  Now returning to keys…. Meeting in 1hr 40mins.  Know precisely what to address.  In chair in office now and listening to LoFi beats and letting my inner visions and constructions of scenes go wherever they want.  I did end up having Pinot last night, one I bought yesterday on a wee buying spree.  Surprised how musical she was, frankly.  Writing more about wine, of late.  Sometimes I know why then others I don’t.  Well, everything as I told someone Tuesday in Mill Valley reaches from wine’s entity, the life int he vineyard and even the inanimate – the rocks and dirt, fallen leaves, whatever’s cropped between rows.  Told Mark that as well yesterday in our monthly 1-to-1.

Thought about going back to the house and working.  Quiet morning.  Needed.  Emailed some pricing to a small prospect, microbrewery up the street from the old house.  Already over 100% for the month, thank the page…. And heard from IT partner on 4 site deal, would-be client says he’s ready, and next week should be requesting contracts.

Simplicity…. Keeping everything not bland or plan but attainable, approachable and accessible.  Like wine.  Too many complicate her – WHY.  Never going to understand the excess descriptions and people who just like to hold court or think they are and ramble on about wine and their thoughts on it, what they’d score the bottle or what it’s already been scored.  And I fucking hate scores, scoring, the scorer.