Been up from a nap for about 30 minutes, rounding up.

Starbucks Farmers Lane.  Have about 30 minutes to work here before having to get back to house to do something.

Iced coffee.  One contract in for day, over 100% for month.  Need to make a reservation at a Petaluma restaurant. Meeting a friend there after Caddis.

I’m more awake than I was earlier, for sure.  What wine tonight, I think.  Pinot, my head tells me.  Actually, leave here earlier than 4 to swing by store and buy some bottles for writing.  Wasn’t home last night for dinner but saw Mom and Dad opened something.  What…. Didn’t look.  What mood am I in, definitely Pinot.  For what, doesn’t matter.  My need for white wine is never particular or stringent.

3:42, leaving soon.  Iced coffee has me like a comic character with abilities that no human was designed to deliver.

Long line instantaneously here, too many people.  Work essentially done.  Call with Engineer but not sure that’s happening.

Leaving now… Bottledaux on the brain.  People, the meta, where you are and what you’re doing of profuse value you didn’t know or measure.  Interesting… the unknown and its application, like Bottledaux itself, me not really knowing what it is—

Interrupted by a message from one of the coordinators, asking if a number’s being ported.  Telecom… interesting.  Connectivity, conversation…  All this on the wall of the eventual office.

3:48, leaving.  Coffee done.  I’m literally on fire.  Actually.  Veins, skin, fingers, words, the interconnected shape and galaxy of my cognition.