…more excited about soon getting my own place.  Need to make Bottledaux produce at least at extra 5k a month.

Okay… so how do I do that….

Put self, THE BLOG and what it does, out there.  What doe Bx do for businesses?  Blog, yes… but sell.. market.  I’m the sole employee… to be speak or even moderately represent your business you need to be About EVERYTHING about it.  Everything… that’s the word, that’s the speak, the thesis.  I’ve met something new here in this paragraph, a new realization… follow it, I tell myself.

8:58…. Guess it’s time for the AE story.  Think I’m caught up in terms of lead touches… so what do I do.  Prospect of course, search for new business.

9am…. Okay, giving self till 9:15.  Gift to myself, a little Tuesday treat.  Sounds corny, but that’s what I’m saying to myself, literally hearing myself say it in my head.  Each observation a vignette, something I can and will use.

Hungry… those breakfast sandwiches look amazing.  Cold in here, may leave for office.  Enjoy some music other than these LoFi beats.  May need a nap later, didn’t sleep too much, waking this morning at 5-something and never falling back into any dreams or dormancy.