10:07, just renewed the #professormikey blog and url for another year.

Prospect I thought would never yield anything winds up being one of my more lucrative possibilities and opportunities.  We’ll see where it goes.

10:21, leaving in 9.  Or 15.  Want more coffee but I need to cut off self from any additional.  Enjoying the morning, music, the morning’s music…. I stop for a second, stare at the keys, don’t type a thing.  See 15 years ago, then 20, then 30….  Time passes and teaches. Have I been a good student?

Never look forward to these meetings but they need to happen.  Once over, back to house, plan rest of day… notes in Composition Book… couple bills to pay, and whatever else.  Thinking of an Oliver’s sandwich then remember I have the rest of that burrito from yesterday.