After run, I find myself

snacking.  A lot.  Hungry for everything from Wheat Thins and peanut butter to small Ritzimg_3971 Bites with cheese inside.  I feel superhuman after the run.  Not so thrilled about the per-mile, but I did what I set Self to do, 1hr or 7 miles.  I chose 7 which turned out to be more my real aim than anything.  And I see more alignment with running and writing, that they’re so metaphoric and for each other.  I know I was thinking about something, a few things on the run, about teaching and not having a planned route, about communicating with other bloggers and networking more— about throwing twenty things away tonight, inventorying each fucking thing I toss in the trash.

Have a Sauv Blanc from Dutcher in the fridge, but I want to wait a bit.  I see bottledaux turning into more a fitness lifestyle blog than anything.  I think…  Know this was one of my dozens of stretched conceptions on the 7-miler.

Emma upstairs asleep.  Alice off to get little Kerouac and his friend, Addy.  Or is it spelled ‘Addie’.  Can never remember.  I’ve surprised myself in a few ways today— 1, with going to campus even after being discouraged by Starbucks filling up after seeing Emma & Alice there, and not having a single goddamn spot to work.  Then, going to campus and crafting a rough syllabus which I could actually start a semester with if I wanted to (if I didn’t do a single thing more till the 20th, which won’t be the case.. I’ll be warrior-like with how prepped I am), finishing a 500-word article for my Medium blog, and… something else.  OH, I was thinking how I did all this with NO nap.  Yes, I went back to sleep after the 4AM jaunt, then woke again to help with Emma’s feeding, then back to sleep again for about an hour, maybe a bit less.  But my two main aims today, or three, of the 4AM writing, an hour run, and the Medium article, all quelled.

But then suddenly I’m tired.  Can’t nap, at this time of day obviously.  So what does the writer do?  Remember another thought— re-read the 4AM entry, expand on it, test its consistency and linearity with how the day went.  ‘Happiness’, the apex objective.  Realizing this I wake again, second and third wind.