Structured, Learning

Avenged yesterday’s run with today’s.  Can’t remember precise numbers, but– hold on…  54:19 total time, 6.67 miles, 8:09/mi pace.  Not incredibly impressive, as I wanted to hit 8, but I’ll take it.  My course, completely written as I went along, as are the pages from this writer.  Sipping the Rosé I the other night opened.  Surprisingly, no damage.  Still a calming but complimentary acidity alongside strawberry, cherry, and coy lemon notes.  My friend Blair did more than merely ‘well’ with this release.  So thankful to have him on my side for the cuvée.

Finally started the Pedagogy blog, while at café.  Posted 1 entry.  Planning on another later tonight.  My 3PAGESaDAY, done, long ago.  Not sure if I put a time stamp on final paragraph–  Yes, I did.  Just checked.  May run a couple miles tomorrow, literally two, to keep going this streak.  Most assuredly bolstering the bravado of the writing, and ME as a Writer.

Another sip of the Rosé.. noticing the lemon more, especially on finish.  Still waiting to hear from Katie on our 2013 project.  Have to be patient, I know.  Wait for the go-ahead, permission, what have.  As I’ve said, that’s the one aspect to winemaking I utterly ABOMINATE.  As a writer, I just DO.  Not so in my sister’s world, and I have to respect that.  And adjust to it, learn from, look at this reality as a healthy challenge.

One I can WRITE about.

Saw a travel video blog by some people in the wine industry.  Thought it was very interesting, how they filmed the hotel they were staying in.  Would love to be on Road, selling the winery’s wines, write about it, document it with still, video, scribble.  Need mobility, as the stationary’s killing me.  That’s why I ran where I did today.  I couldn’t recall which streets I was on if you pressured me.  It was completely whim’d.  Love it.  One of my favorite scampers in a while.

Little Kerouac, upstairs asleep.  I read him 4 of his little books.  One of them, the piece I for him purchased at xmas ’12.  Older he stands, scoots, the more I love my little Artist.  He’s the one being, thing, character, entity, presence I CAN’T put into words.  Just know that I love him more than any anything on this planet.

So where am I running tomorrow, and how far?  Maybe I should do a timed run.  See how far I can go in 30 minutes.  If I average a 7:30 mile, I’d go…  4 miles.  Sorry, had to use the laptop’s calculator.  Yes, let’s plan on that.  I’ll take Friday off.  Alice & Jack leave for DC early Sunday morning.  I’ll be driving them to bus in earliest of A.M.’s.  Not looking forward to it, believe or no.  Yes, I’m excited to have the retreat, here in home, to write and finally assemble manuscript, but I’m not looking forward to being away from them.. especially little Kerouac, my best of friends, most adored of inspirations.

Glass done.  Have some of the winery’s Red blend airing on counter, by coffee machine Mom & Dad bought me.  Alice, with an interview tomorrow.  Teaching gig in Napa.  Preparing some questions for her that I think may help.  Very much in teacher/Professor mode, today.  Have to get started on that second post, on preconceived notions concerning authors, their works.