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Taking Jack to Mom & Dad’s in a few.  Need more video content, more documenting, I’m thinking following the documentary I watched yesterday.  Not relying on phone, or any ‘app’, as I learned last week with Sam’s and my broadcast.  Veraison, already taking place, I’m hearing.  Have to get camera ready.  Should probably drop a couple of the photos I shot with phone, for winery.  Don’t need them, that’s certain.  And they don’t enhance my content.

My cousin Nick, just opened up some media/pr/ad firm office in SoCal.  Not sure if it’s his business of someone else’s, but I love the look, layout.  See mySelf closer to MY office.  What else…  Alice just opened door to leave, cold.  Little sprinkles.  Miss the rain.  Would love some on retreat, but forecast promises warmer numbers.

Only a matter of time before Jack bores with his books, calls me over.  Will write later, after run.  And after 3PAGES.  Not sure I’ll post to maddenedread tonight.  Maybe some notes, lecture points I’d hit about Plath– or that I WILL hit, in Fall.  Doesn’t have to be prose.  Think I need another hit of coffee.  Where’s the case to this camera?  -8:24am

8:55pm.  Not getting to 3PAGES today.  Too tired from day, run I just did.  4 miles in just over 31 minutes.  Wanted to stuff the 4 within 30, but started to slow, at end.  Retreat in just under 3 days.  And I’m ready to finally complete the ms that’ll send me, quickly, to road, my office.  Met a couple teachers in tasting Room today.  Had one read the second entry for teaching blog, written last night, while she finished her tasting.  Positive response, citing poignancy and brevity both as boons.  Won’t have time to post again tonight, but tomorrow, possibly morning, certainly.

Sipping some sparkling berry water, just before getting into a little of the SB I was gifted today.  Didn’t film anything today, as I chose to have lunch with co-workers [H & J].  Glad I did.  Needed the break.  Slight breeze, gentle and musical, as we sat there, chatting under the caring umbrella.

Jumping to spoken word in a minute.. the comfort of the Comp Book.  Want more poetry in my Creative Life.  Keep saying that, but always divert to this prose.  Love my entries, but poetry’s who I TRULY am.  So why am I not doing more of IT?

Challenge to Self:  Six spoken word pieces in the next 48 hours.. beginning now.  Or, when I finish this entry.  Have only made 1 plan with a friend during retreat’s reign, Sunday night.  But that will be the ONLY 1.  On Tuesday, Wednesday [my days off].. only Writing.  And PRINTING.  Have to get this 59-page work done.  Meaning Printed, Released, Sold.

Hate this laptop.  Still.  9% battery left.  Now 8%.  This is why all writings should be done on paper.  Only use this thing when I have to.  Another goal for retreat:  Get all writing off this devilish button bomb.