Trail 1

6/30/13.  7:41am.  Woke before six to get ready for run with Carmen.  We ended with 4.12 miles in 34:55.  8:28/mi pace.  Not bad, I guess.  Was so nice to run with obviously gentler atmosphere, but also less characters on paths with us.  Carrying this energy with me through day.  Couldn’t wait to get to keys.  Thought of new writing practice whilst in intervals: take notes throughout day, as I many times do, then rack them into 3PAGESforDAY.  Done.  Disappointed I didn’t complete 3, yesterday.  But I needed to write more freely for this log [NOTblog].

May be taking some pictures around Estate today.  For a friend of mine, Alicia, who owns her own very accelerant business.  She has her own office.. 3,000+ sq ft in SF.  That’s what I want.  Well, I don’t need that big a safehouse for writing, but something to mySELF.  Should probably charge cameras, free some space on phone–  So much to do.  And I know it sounds banal, but there truly are not enough hours in the day.

Grandma & I, enjoying a couple laughs …

Dinner at Mom & Dad’s tonight, to discuss Grandma, what she left.  How is it that Grandma won’t be at the dinner?  Still can’t believe it, that she’s moved on.  Motivates me to write, whatever streams through head.. to be around for Jack, as long as a writer can.  Get everything done that I want.  OH, and my students, the ones returning this coming semester, well as those new to my view: want to be the most enriching instructor they’ve ever had.  Still need to order my books.. that’d be a great place to start [I type, laughing crazily in head].  Think I’ll be doing that this Wednesday, the day before the Foot Race.

Teaching blog, starting tonight after 3 pages have been typed.  AND EDITED.  Still haven’t proofed my inaugural sessions from the past few days.  Loving this energy, this morning.  Definitely appreciate Ms. Carmen for waking so early with me.  AND, agreeing to do the race this Thursday.

Wine today: need to revisit barrel with hole in it (NewDadCuvée).  And, what the hay, the Merlot additionally.  Want to see what my wines want me to know today.. want to see what THEY have to say.  This final trial vintage for me, 2013, doing all on own.  And I think I will inoculate, this time.  I don’t care how good the fruit looks.  I’m looking to show my talent.. talentS, as a winemaker.  I have no intention riding Nature’s coattails.

Alice & Kerouac, away for walk with one of her “mommy friends,” up the Bennett Valley hills.  Woodview, to be precise.  Love the homes up there.  Just the type of property I want little Kerouac to be raising on, in.  This condo, the nefarious neighbors, random rubbish.. not what I want around my little boy.

The morning mocha, concerted harmoniously with the energy I brought back with me, from run.  Today’s going to be one of those paradigm days, I can feel.  Looking through these pictures, deciding which ones to take off phone.  Time capsule, in pocket everyday, I’m realizing.  Interesting.