July Reso’

7/1.  With coffee.  At cluttered desk.  Have to get my own office.  This is getting to be overwhelming, honestly.  Waiting, waiting…  My friend Alicia, yesterday, setting up on the hill for client wedding.  Took some interesting stills, FINALLY had the chance to interview her.. and, just get out of the tasting Room for a bit.

IMG_0564On 2nd cup, this A.M.  Going to need it, after all the lovely wine opened at Mom & Dad’s last night.  All 4 of us together.  Can’t remember the last time that happened.  Was disturbing, though, some aspects of the industry brought to my attention, regarding a company’s rights over what a winemaker produces for them.  AND, anything else a winemaker does, period.  Who do these owners, be they family or corporate, think they are?  It disgusts me, frankly.  That’s why I want to make wine, eventually, for ME.  Not looking to be part of any production team, anywhere.  So that’s known…

Counting down till Fall.  Hoping to get business fully in motion, Autonomous, before then.  That’d be incredible, I can’t even tell you…  Have a couple more bills to put into the biz stash.  Just counted.. $95.  That was fast.  Need to keep contributing, build the amount.  What do I want from this money?  Not sure.  It’ll hit me when time’s right, I’m sure.

8:05am.  Time to look through these pictures, have to get in shower soon, prepare for day.  Pretty sure I’m just “TR.” Sipping coffee.. thinking.  Video, pictures, documentary.. media, writing garnish.. brainstorming–  Sorry, reader.. just need to get it down, in some shape.  Again, having tech problems with my devices.  Hate this time crunch, like you don’t even, CAN’T even, understand.  […]  There, got it to work.

Throughout day.. pictures, video, notes, everything.  Capture as much as I can, quick as I can, WHEN I can.  Running out of space on phone, for stills, so on lunch I’ll use other cameras.  Only way.  -Mike, 8:12am