Interval, OenoSprint

Picture from Vault–

6.7 miles.  That’s what we did, my co-worker, I.  No notes taken in TR, today.  But, I did go in early, topping both wines with their respective selections.. Grenache for NDC, PV for the Merlot.  More than ever, I see mySelf as a legitimate winemaker.  Celebrating, tonight, with the ’10 vineyard designate, 100% Cabernet the winery releases.  Very young, but the letter this wine’s writing, its promissory note.. provocative.  This wine makes me want to go back to the winery, right now, put on one of those flashlight headbands, taste my wines again.  That’s it– I’m leaving to do just that.  Kidding…

Won’t be writing any new material for book, tonight.  But I will rack a couple–2–standalones into the book’s boundary, later.  Right now, I just want to enjoy a freewrite.  And later, to my second glass, verse.  My friend, after our run, over a beer, surprised to hear I’m not the subscriber to social media that everyone estimates.  I understand her confusion, but I need again make clear: I USE social media for purposes of deluging my pages.  And that’s it.  I don’t care about how many “friends” I have on facecrook, or how many follow my “tweets,” if it doesn’t contribute to readership.  And I will NEVER spend time with “social” media when I could be writing.  And anymore, I write pen2paper before I push these keys.  Or at least I try.

The wine, starting to open.  But even still, it’s young, timid, frightened of palate contact.  The further into winemaking I fall, I’m noticing that the Artistic impulse, perceptual perceptivity, follows me; It’s a universal application.  Of course, some winemakers will disagree, with all their obscure chemistry/bio acuity, but I don’t care.  I’m an Artist, and I love wine, making it.  2013, my last trial vintage.  But, I need this writing to pay, first.  SO, another timeline set.

Can’t appreciate the color of this Cab.  I’ve seen it before, so I guess I could say it “doesn’t matter,” but I love wine tint, contrast, hue depth.  Transparent glasses, all, in dishwasher.  SO I’m forced to use one of the translucent, but deeply red, pieces from our shelves.  And on color’s lecture, oenological conjecture, I today learned that lees pose potential threat to color, if they’re aflight, they could bind to floating beings, then detract from visible form.  Texted my sister, and she said, after asking her for more specifics, when I shared concern about oxygen tussling with lees: “No, there aren’t much lees in red barrels. Color loss mainly due to the diff types of color compounds. Some are ‘bound’ which keep color longer, but some are unstable & easily broken by O2, resulting in color loss.” Makes me think of the other issue I want to look into, “bottle shock.”

2013.. what will you be giving me, as my last trial vintage?  Merlot from the Estate, then maybe a Cab with Katie?  Don’t know.  But I need to work on that budget Katie urged.  Not sure how intricate I can make it, as $1500’s about all I can spare, with this scene in Life.  Distracted again by tech, that frothy full-gorged flap-dragon social media.  Need to just write, enjoy my pours.  Should probably stop, but my friend [the estate’s winemaker] provided an absorbing vintage, varietal, representation, translation.

Should probably check my campus email, see if any students need some last-minute steering with their final submissions.  […]  Nothing.  Not a note.  Thinking again about today’s run with my co-worker.  That bloody hill.  Can’t remember the street’s name.. blame this wine.  OH, Lawndale, I think it’s called.  Yes, just checked.  That’s what humbled me, having to stop for a couple minutes.  The next run about which we embark, I’ll be of only unwavering spark.  Still can’t believe I did what I did, today.  My friend, showing much more a conditioned submission than the writer.  But I think I rolled rather relentlessly.  […]  Night’s cap, poured.  More illustrative in its presentation, but still a bit withheld.  And as a profuse winemaker, I understand this bottle’s state.  IT’s not “shocked,” as I’m sure some Davis professors would lecture.  IT just needs time, rest.  This winemaking bug.. having done more than “bite” me.  I’m of another lean.  And others, the non-artists, wouldn’t understand.  Nose, now, more performing.  Singing…