Journal — 5/21/13

1,000 more new words into book.  Jack, more full of energy this morning than I’ve ever seen him.  But, he’s been quite independent, respectful of my work.  Posted a couple pictures and videos, to varying locations.  My office, for bottledaux, closer than I thought.  I mean, now I’m at the point where I can SEE the office, how it’ll be laid out, with all this material.

Going through old pictures, my journey, JOURNAL, through wine’s world, and yes “industry.” Already had a couple cups of coffee (maybe more??).  Put on another pot, this one smaller, probably only– well, won’t say how many more cups.  So glad I don’t have class tonight.  Found some old video footage, me walking the vineyard in harshly early hours during last year’s adventurous harvest.  I’ve already gathered pieces to my Written/Wine Autonomy.  Just need to put them together.

Jackie, now reading a book, the one I bought him for xmas.  How does something that small, only 15 months old, have such drive, energy?  He’s amazing, especially at this stage, with his exploration.  He’s encouraging me to get closer to the bottledaux office, go through this old material, both photograph, written.. and video.  Thank you, young sir.  Going to sip this new coffee batch incredibly slow.  Already feeling fire, a bit jittery.


Music playing, encouraging only more dreams.  Need to look at houses, as I’d planned, online, well as move some money around.  And no wine tonight, as tomorrow’s the run with that formidable co-worker.  Plan on going for a little walk/jog with Alice & Kerouac later, possibly.  And with wine’s dominant theme: found quite a few forgotten treasures in the upstairs collection.  Should probably go through the bottles over there, in the little fridge.  Jack’s curiosity’ll more than likely be aggravated if I do.  But, maybe he’ll help some more.  He’s been a wonderful aide so far this morning.