Day Noted.. 5/20/13

925am. Already hot. Not warm.. Hot.

4shot, no scone. Victory. Small, but still a small forward.

Hope I’m not trapped in tr all day.

Cave still from yesterday..


Sneaking away to write in bathroom.. Can’t wait for my office.. Glad I brought printed pages to edit.

What will be the Petit Verdot verdict?? Just want to use it once.

Already ready for day to be over, for my run.

Opening caves.. I volunteered —


Cave tour.

Nice couple of ladies from So Cal.

Biz concept written in napkin… Story told by guest.

Woman from Ohio, smitten by everything. Everything. Thinking everything was “cool.” It was adorable, her enamored state.

So nice out. Should be tasting, writing, shooting..

Got some pictures on lunch, and permission to use a little pv on Merlot.

In VIP room, covering for coworker leaving early.

Home, looking through pictures. (7:36pm)