5/13/13, journal

Hot yesterday.  Ready to leave, but have a couple spare for sitting.  Lots of spoken word written last night, when back from Mom & Dad’s.  Also, little notes, here/there, for Fall term.  Relieved to have two days off every week this summer.  Need to intensify my writing efforts, if that’s possible.  Well, I already am, really, with this Great Consolidation.

Tired.  Definitely need that 4-shot mocha.  Bringing Comp Book with me to work.  May try to get off a little early to get SRJC check.  Was going to go in early, this A.M., to get it, but I needed sleep.  Woke yesterday with Kerouac at, I think, 5:15am.  Never went back to sleep, as I brought him downstairs to play, have coffee with me.

Quiet in this condo castle.  Lovely.  Thinking of my sister, how she’s on the Road right now, again.  In Hawaii.  Again, have to intensify my efforts–  You know what, I just realized looking at this printer to left, I could print right now.  Gimme a sec…  There.  Bringing my book’s first 8 pages with me to work.  Yesterday, sitting with Sam, talking about career options, the future, being truly stimulated by what you do, going back to school, among several other connected conversation corners, had and HAS me thinking about my career, what I want.  Bringing the little notebook, as I always do.  Maybe I’ll solve that equation today.  Want to start looking for Literary Theory articles and sites for Fall students.  Now thinking again–  Need to open up that “doc” here on monster, put a couple thoughts in.. 1 more sec…  There.  Surprised how quick I’m writing, not having had a drop of caffeine.

Running today.  So no tasting, at all.  Going in early tomorrow morning to work on wines, taste from other barrels for topping purposes.  My phone, telling me it’s full– 2many pictures, videos.  I swear, as I told my friend Crystal, I’m developing a hatred for tech that’s going to make me a better writing, one only ACTUALLY writing, THEN using a laptop to type finished project.  And eventually, a typewriter, completely separating me from this devil device, and the carcinogenic internet.

Off to finally get my coffee.  Going to taste so good, like reconnection with my character.  She’s, more than likely, still asleep, especially if she was at a gallery last night, or on the road.  Not sure what she’s been up to, lately.