Tranquility contributing to ability and productive agility.

Grateful, promised in my own page.  Unusually assuring day.  No matter what obstacles try what they may.

This morning and today only a vortex for text.  More writing and realization, manifestation and manuscript.

Onto another page, book, business, then another.  All away any blip-finding eye, stray.

Promised in rhyme, all honest design—

13 minutes till meeting, then lunch.  Day in 4th gear, quick around the track, humming.

Notes and new possibilities, ricocheting from one sight to another, businesses and architecture.

Anatomy of a ticket… build around that.  Why start one, how to manage it, notes within it… CRM idea building.

Keep the business and project simple.  Less is better, like my winery owner friend said.  Speaking of wine, need to build wine content.  Anything on the vvv blog.  A vineyard pic.. perfect.  From our walk the other day, me and the Nurse.

She wakes early and leaves tomorrow, which will of course task me with doing the same and getting to the office before anyone.  Watching training video, much of it applying to Field Service, not so much sales.  But still learning.



Back from lunch, greeted by the sweetest email from my partner here.  Calling me a “beast”, then someone else commenting on my tenacity and curiosity.  I’ve fought hard to get here, yet, but still just starting.

Another cup, coffee… strong, to micro my momentum.  I know some reading this even though they claim to not read my blog will try to slow me, send me some message trying to tear me somehow or discourage.

It is my right to tell you – IT WILL NOT WORK.

I’m having too much fun here, and know too well that this is my home.  The “platform” if you want to call it that.  I often write of happiness and the definition, and here I am, standing at my desk in a beautiful office in my own room and desk – no blemish on this writer.  I’m at a higher altitude.

YOU, stay down there.

And so….  The fun continues.  Colleague teaching me more about AI.  Downloading GPT now…. Just to play with it.  Of course I’m not going to have it write shit for me like my new friend did, ha ha…