09:41 in office.  Nothing on calendar thank EVERYTHING other than the IRA meeting at 14:00 I think?

No run today.  I need a break.  Been hitting it too hard I think.  Yesterday’s run was great with numbers and pace but I felt drained and defeated, agitated when I landed.  Weird.

Little breakfast here at the office which is rare, now coffee.  Cruising altitude.  Taking myself out to lunch later and writing.  May eat at the Whole Foods Tavern, get out of the office and change the writer’s surroundings and senses.

Last night with the Nurse, new restaurant.  When entering the hostess said she had one table in the dining area available but it was a little awkward as she put it.  And it was, quite.  Small square table for 2 in the middle of the floor with one strong light throwing itself down on the table.  We looked at each other said, “No…” So, tallboy table in the bar area which was much more our hour.

Sipping coffee slow.  Both work journals open and ready for ink…. Two emails sent.  What can stop me.. the MSP seed planted, multi-handed.  No group of ambitions disbanded.