When I first launched for the run I was sure I wouldn’t hit my 10k+ goal. Well… I did, and then

a little more some.  Sipping water, mastering the ticket queue and how the tickets work and the stories they tell, who’s supposed to author what where…

Blogging everything about this new story, whatever and however.  Have to make a call for a ticket request, forgot about this one.  Shit.. closing door, making call.  More water, first.

On second bottle, tackled another ticket.

2nd bottle of water dead.  Chewing gum, staying in fast.  Day is calm, no storms or fires, yet.  Putting myself in the Nurse’s mentality, waiting for something to pop, break, go sideways.  More and more using the metaphor of a hospital in this MSP story – ICU or ER or any department.

Need a snack, anything.  Not sure what’s in the break room, or kitchen.  Seriously, it’s a model/luxury-grade kitchen in this office.  How I got so lucky… no time to think about that.  One day soon, hope to have a stake here, however big or small.

Meraki meeting in 25 minutes…. Thinking about a certification.  Might be a little over my head, but I’ll adapt.