Full throttle, full steam, all efforts here.  Addressing and playing with tickets, just the same way Henry does his toys, or Emma with her little office setup in her room, or Jack on his virtual game.  No stress about me, not a drop.  Running at noon, exactly.  Hoping for 6 miles, not a step more or less.

Playing as well with my own CRM and ticketing system.  Keeping it simple… studying Meraki, and anything and everything I can.  Nurse telling my yesterday of when she started in the ICY, how she was set on learning EVERYTHING.  And she used that word several times during our coffee day yesterday, EVERYTHING.

And she did.  Exactly the pose and persistence I’m deploying today.

Don’t have a charger for my phone.  Shit… really Mikey?

10:48… still moving quick.  11-12 I set aside for tickets.  Now 6 minutes from now… no writing, other than notes in the tech journals I have set aside, one for like in-the-moment notes and reminders, and the other a tech knowledge trove, I guess you could call it.

All journals out on desk, writing my way to more of a TA character than AM.  Obscure references, sorry.

Don’t want to run… want to get lunch, one of those burrito bowls.  NO… 6 miles, Mikey!!