That run was tough.  6.56, 9:39 per.  Ran all the way down Piner to Fulton from Cleveland. 

Can’t  remember the last time I did that.  Brings back memories of living in Coffey Park before everything went down.  Didn’t miss too many emails.  Only two and already responded to both.  Calendar free for rest or day, which means I get to study, write, learn more about Meraki and our network and other specs in tech.

Kids requested burgers tonight.  Done…. Emma with a later soccer game tomorrow, then heading out to Vacaville.  All day Sunday free with the Nurse, no plans yet.

Starting to cool down, one water of bottle later. Time for another, then more than likely another after that.  On the second… can’t believe I finished that run.  Thought about pushing to 7 but when I got back to the HQ parking lot I was DONE.

More emails land… day gets a little crazier but nothing unmanageable.  Granola for lunch, some of those pretzel goldfish.  Then the day settles.  Can’t wait to see the kids, relax with them at the loft.

Tempted to sit, but I’ll stay standing at desk.  Thinking… letting everything be still.  What’s in my control v what’s not.  ANSWERS present themselves, kindly.