Another thing done.  The day, a logged win for the writer.  Even after some people try to derail me, lamely.  Tempted to leave now to get the kids… Should I?

More time to collect, meditate, feel this gratitude for everything in my story.  The run, the week, the challenges, just all o fit.  Time, it is relentless and indifferent but I can only let that motivate me going forward.  Grateful for the challenge of time, realizing it’s not forever.  Faith in the Now and what it gives – Quiet in this office, no voices.  Creating new promises and prose for myself.  You could call it a life lesson, I guess, but maybe it’s more than that.

15:53 ::: Still can’t believe I ran all of Piner.  Feeling my age though, I think.  Or, I still have more shape and condition to rebuild.

Blogging everything, EVERYTHING.  Now, in the moment, when the ingredients introduce themselves.