13:22 5.09 miles.  Goal, ran a route I haven’t since well before everything went down.  West on Piner, north on Coffey.  Crossed Hopper only for a little then turned around.  Wasn’t sure I’d make it to five, started getting tired but simply slowed pace and wouldn’t let myself stop.  

First Sonoma County lunch run since the Sonic days.. wow.  I’m, riding a high, writing this.  And why not.  Why not let myself aggrandize, even dare say it be proud of what I’ve done.

Still in fast, not hungry but should eat, I know.  Brought veggies and some fruit, cheese and crackers from the villa, Nurse packed for me.

Everything where it is.. I have everything I need and where I need to get anything I want.  So what do I want.. easy.  Not writing it, at least not today.  Have before, so read backward if you want.  Just know, could be several things.

Back in new story, following every ticket and the story they tell and what’s int he story leading up to… it’s capturing me, captivating.. new composition.  More than just positivity or self-love I’m writing.  Brought myself somewhere, telling my own story.

So, keep building.