Beside myself excited about the lunch run.  Temp now in low 60s, should be about 67 when I launch.  Perfect.  Planning on running North on Cleveland then at some point cutting over to Pine and heading West.  30 mins out, 30 back.  What I’m hoping to do, but who knows.

11:07, set another appointment.  Ahead of everything on calendar, or trying to be.  Checking back in…

11:41, going to get ready in five minutes or so…. Going to start incredibly slow.  As in, well over 10min pace.  Then speed up if I want to.  Just want 5 miles for this first run.  Hav veto set realistic aims for myself, otherwise I’m just building a glorious structure and tone of disappointment.

5 miles…. The only thing I’m after.  No pace, no time.  Once I hit 5, I stop.