10-23-23 ::: 10:04 and the day is attacking from all angles.  I mean, all of them.  But I’m a fighter

like a friend reminded me last week.  Blogging everything, driving to Santa Rosa from Vacaville this morning thinking about the time with the Nurse and how fast it was.  Why… no sense thinking about it.

Living in my calendar, just getting warmed up.  First cup, will need another, for sure.  Coworker comes in to take a pic of me for company website.  Can’t believe I’m here, Sonoma County and wineries, dealing with their tech…

Email comes in, put another name and time in square(s).  Messages sent, think I figures something out on my own, in the ticket system and queue.  For some reason I’m finding it fascinating… still developing my own CRM and quasi-ticket magic.  Who knows if what’s in the pan will cook all the way through, but I’m doing something with it – not just sitting.