At the Villa after going to Nugget Market for some things.  Quiet, peace… waiting for her to come home.  Long day for Nurse…. Me here nursing a White Claw and watching our cat do circles around me and hop to the chair next to me purring, wanting attention.

All of this, a new story and experience and shape/for/manuscript of love that I can’t believe intersected with my world.  Time is going to move fast but like she says, “…just accept it.”

18:57 off a call with a wine industry friend.  Talking about setting up a lunch, creating some content and helping her with some story telling for one or more brands.  More attention on that lately for me, how consumers and the public sees something.  The hoped-for reaction then the actual reaction.  Attention, reactions, the next scene, all of this is the idea layer set and texture while I’m sitting here waiting for my girl to come home.

Old vineyard shots, while inspiring and they are that, they also make me a bit sad, and critical of. Myself.  Why do I ever let myself get distant from the vineyard, from wine and the associate or immediate stories…