11:25 Haircut done, latte from Starbucks, couldn’t resist.  About to do a hopefully quick call.  Still not in a running mood.  So what then…. Run tomorrow with the Nurse at her gym.  Okay settled.  Lunch here, launch for vv at 15:00 or so… good.  Day planned.  Money where it needs to be.

Shouldn’t have got this latte.  Shit… can feel every bit of jitter … I’m a jittering bug, as my grandma used to say, telling me about the jitterbug and how her and grandpa would dance that way, way back in the day.

Typing fast – lunch time.  All tasks met, had a little work to do.  Want something Chinese from that place on the corner.  Leaving later than estimated for vv the Nurse telling me they delayed a surgery.  Hmmm… so how does that shape the hours approaching?

Buzz from the latte fades, but slowly.  Writing my way to whatever I want, and writing differently, speaking to myself as I do, pushing keys.  Like my own writing lab instructor – oh my god, remember that, the writing lab at Solano, I ask myself.

Don’t miss those days, nor the fucking commute.

Lunch.. gratitude in this loft, its office.