6:55am Already up and with latte. 

Mike knows that today is to be brilliant, revealing and a much of late demanded redirection of things.  Not sure how precisely, but he knows. At his desk, the small irritating off-triangle table that fits too perfectly in the corner.  Like it was punishing humor, or complimenting his ability o write and now come upContinue reading “6:55am Already up and with latte. “


Wrote in journal for a bit, cleaned out car–FINALLY–ordered iced coffee getting away from the over-priced and in no way economically viable latte. Packing up to go to coLAB.  Will get a sparkling water before.  No more coffee after the iced.  I’m re-writing my character today, and not like I’ve said before.  Something different… allContinue reading “10:38am”


6/23/20 Note your moods in certain transactions with life itself, certain decisions and predicaments.   How does your scope and mannerism pattern influence your production?   Just a note to self I posted on LinkedIn.  Somewhat of a crazy morning with Jack and Emma, getting Jack ready to walk out the door… then coming backContinue reading “journal”

Movement and Momentum. New Beat.

Today’s been what I needed.  After a great call with a prospect and my Sales Engineer, I’m not wanting to stop.  No run as it’s too hot and no bike, I just want to stay in the chair.  Prospecting a little but more using the existing conversations… not using, but tending to. Reviewing old notesContinue reading “Movement and Momentum. New Beat.”


6/9/20 – Day 11 – On crunch.  Emma getting restless.  Wanting to color but can’t find herself a coloring book.  Finds some paper, a little notebook.  Too afraid to look over at her as the last time I did that she yelled, STOP IT!!! This morning’s run, hitting pavement just before six.  Need to doContinue reading “age41”

Stay Moving Stay Busy Stay STARVED

3/17/20, Tuesday – Hi.  I’m still alive. And so are millions and billions of other people.  Not making light of anything, just my attitude.  I thought this morning driving here to the Sonic office about style, and about influence, how lately I’ve tried to be more Sedaris-esque, or Lawson-y, rather than completely Mike Madigan-ish.  InContinue reading “Stay Moving Stay Busy Stay STARVED”

this morning in journal

Going to start calling in a minute.. I swear.  Advertising and marketing offices in SF.  Go for bigger accounts, I tell myself. Learned my lesson from the small business visits, and even one account I landed but was a complete bother …. Or maybe it was my attitude.  Certainly my fault for not qualifying better,Continue reading “this morning in journal”

Trellis Step Travel

And ’11 white, and ’16 red.  From Spain, bot.  In the quiet kitchen consistent with my vinified vision, speaking in poetic tongues and abetted stuns.  Character compiled in this sole presence and thought lot, caught in wine’s promise and spell, she tells me to stay, be still but keep in my truest move. Haven’t touchedContinue reading “Trellis Step Travel”


At work, feeling more than invigorated and fiery with this promotion.  Sales, selling, speaking… now everything culminates, much I hate that word.  Getting done starting tasks, committing to 3000 observational words for and from day.  Idea for day, Knowledge.  Get to know the person in front of you, even if you already know them.  Listen,Continue reading “6/25/19”