Working from home, feeling sick.  Hate this time of year, and at my age now this is what I associate with it.  Infuriating.  I don’t think ‘Holidays’, I think ‘there’s something going around’.

Hoping the coffee and espresso will scare it away or dilute the symptoms and what I feel.

What can I do?  Making list of properties to visit tomorrow in the city, dropping by asking for names.  Have five folders with info to distribute, still no business cards but I don’t need them.

Thinking about sales and selling something new to you, me. What if you didn’t know anything about what you’re selling but had to hit a number?

Not the matter in my story, but what if…. People say fake it till you make it then others will contest that, but what if the epicenter of that intention is useful, or even ‘correct’?

Where I find myself in this new story.  Not receiving much product training, but I understand the technology, and know more than enough to get out there.  So tomorrow I do.