…cyberattack training.  Ugh…. Not in the mood.  Two leads from yesterday’s canvassing with David..  Will email them later, if I remember.

Yawn… not listening to paying attention to this training.  It is giving me some ideas concerning prospecting and conversations, but otherwise—  Oh it stopped, click Next.

9:41…. Stepping away for a bit.  Training due in 6 days I think I saw.  So I have time, no rush.  Good, ‘cause I’m still annoyed.  But the guy’s British accent and how he emphasizes some words has me a little entertained.

Listening to Emancipator station on Spotify, letting my mind go wherever it wants.  No focus this morning, none needed.  What I really want to do…. Not sure.  My sister Katie posts that she’s at the Fairgrounds going some extensive tasting, wines from Sonoma to Slovenia as she put it.  More than jealous, I’m curious.  I start thinking of ways to crash it, somehow find my way in.  Wine and what I want with it, shit like this… little missions and at time mischievous adventures.

Now Coltrane…. An idea pummels me, orders me away from the nap trap.  Emailed HR lady Bridget at SRJC to start my resignation process.