Didn’t get the whiteboards I wanted the other day at the office supply store.  Maybe go for a drive in a bit? 

Yes.  Needed.

Thinking more coffee, no power nap.  Just now more ideas swarmed to me like those flying things in Stranger Things (such a weird fucking show).  Or maybe now is the time to step away, see if they stick, stay, set up some camp in my brain or city of their own, a base like an invading brigade.

Simplifying everything.  Distilling, much I hate that word.  Deconstructing, and like I’ve said so many times in so many posts – singularizing, consolidating.  Happiness, the framing and perception of happiness and how to write one’s self to it.  The journal practice and eventual course, maybe.  Taught on blog.  Again, maybe.

Taking the kids to the beach this past weekend, how happy they were to eat the sandwiches I made them at that little picnic bench, showing the frisbee and little football Jack brought from his mother’s house playing monkey in the middle, Emma attempting to tackle her bigger bother and little Henry just watching and laughing.


Back from drive through Petaluma territory.  Nothing jumping out.