Got out small contract.  8:55

Had some espresso, now sparkling water.  Stayed up past 9, no run this morning.  Trying to not let it get to me…. Going to Anytime at 11 or thereabouts.  May take a half day today, not really feeling the AE story, or the same thing that transpires everyday I feel.  Should work at Noto like I used to do at the Starbucks on Brooks Road.

Stop in Santa Rosa later—  Yes, I’m off this morning.  Can’t put finger on it.  What is it.  Ignore it.  I am.  Walk to Noto with both laptops.

Call with IT guy in a sec.  Actually, calling him now.

Left message.  Thinking of going to gym right now, but hold off…. I’ll start suiting up at 11.

Put on some chill beats, some Spotify playlist, relax.  No more of this stress, angst.  Go the fuck away, I tell it.  What is this in my character…. Thinking of my friend and how she wakes so early getting a workout and charcuterie boards out of the way before even a lash of sun can be sensed.

Ideas from yesterday calling… journaling the moment and writing your acknowledgment of its richness.