…the wineries and the technology they need.  Integral with the blogs, the writing and me as a presence in more places than anything else has.

Interviews and notes, sketches and questions.  15:07, meeting soon but I can’t halt my scribbles.  Pulled and pushed further and further into the pages of this new poetic tell.  Vineyards calling me in a way they before haven’t.  Part of me wants to know just what’s transpiring and the other just want s to find out, let the story show me.

Sipping some coffee after being a bit worn down by the run.  Thinking of what call to make next… only a couple I haven’t talked to. Slow, take a second to think I tell myself.  More living, doing, less writing.

Entries need be shorter.  Cover more ground, don’t overthink even though when you’re on-fire and inspired you tend to overthink sometimes.