Everything to blog today… all words.  So watch what you say, I whisper to myself.

Standing at desk as I did with the last company.  Didn’t know this was a rising desk.  Idiot…

Can’t get the site walk out of my head, talking about the connectivity and composition of tech onsite.  Couldn’t stop taking pictures of the mansion, grounds, rooms, stairs, walls…. The MPoE and what was in it…

Getting into character, another site visit at 15:00.  This one in RRV, Pinot and Chard territory.  May grab a bottle when out there, not sure.  One of the more pricey labels in Sonoma County.

Running at 12:15.  Same thing, 5-mile target.  Slow.  Still feel yesterday’s flight.

Iced latte from Peet’s already dead.  Somehow have to find energy for a run.  Shit, I don’t know if I can do 5 miles.

WHY AM I DOUBTING MYSELF??  Giving up before I start?  

No.  I’m going, I’ll go slow, and hit 5 no problem.

Chewing gum, getting rid of hunger.  All I can think about is what the Nurse cooked last night and how I brought some for lunch.  Distraction… work.  Call clients.  Blogging and tech, websites… new idea.  Building it, writing everything down in work journal, connecting it to this new story.

I can’t lose, I’m convinced of it thinking about the Nurse’s story and how she reached her current character.

Pictures from the site visit, deeper and deeper into possibilities.  New ideas.  I have to walk away, they’re too overwhelming and there’s too many in swarm.  So, collect, meditate then narrate..