Starting day at Nurse’s house while she’s driving to work.  Usual morning coffee date of course then me coming back to the villa for a meeting over Teams.  Our cat distracts me but I press on making sure all equipment works.  Regular temp latte this morning.

Quiet…. Two appointments today, one of them a favorite winery of mine.  Not saying name but I’m sure I’ll post a picture later.  Letting my thinking do whatever it wants this morning, driving here yesterday wondering if I’m not the writer I used to be, like when in college.

Well, obviously not I say to myself.  Life experiences, new people and work, and whatever else.

Distracted by Mr. Fig, the cat.  He looks at old magazines the Nurse has under her desk then goes behind me and looks over the ledge, through the wooden railing at the front door and then right at something downstairs.

More freeness, that’s what I need.  No more overthought.  The objective is no objective clear but rather an acceptance and play with everything in the scene.

First time I’ve written like this here.  Early, latte, Nurse starting her shift and me needing to drive back for appointment 1.