10-20-23 —> Two hardboiled eggs, iced latte 4 shots, at the desk.  New-new Mike Madigan character and way.  Colleague working with me a little later on ticket generation and management, calling current clients and starting my own string of stories with them…. Lots to do in little time today, but everything will be done and then some.

Not sure when I’m leaving tomorrow, hoping later so I can finally get in a run, some writing, maybe go for a drive and take some pictures.  Looking at some of the old vineyard shots from my last year as a full-timer in the wine industry.  Most of them from the Roth property.  I miss it, honestly.

Organizing calendar… have a block right now within which I can think… just play with ideas like another coworker said this morning pointing out that he blocked out 45 minutes today and every Friday to simple think.  Write a couple things down, but meditate… think, entertain possibilities and possible new directions.

Didn’t have time to gather running bag.  Ugh…. Promise Monday I will, and all days till Friday, taking next weekend off obviously ‘cause I’ll have the kids.  I’m running, just know that.  Hold me to it…