The way I manifest something…. Write it into tangibility.

Brought the rest of my lunch, leftover charcuterie elements from last night, into my office.  Snacking on desk.  Mood is still off, but trying to adjust, right it somehow with words and thinking of the Nurse, this Saturday night and all day Sunday with her.

Looking for a client to call…. Found one.  But there’s a grounds guy right outside the window blowing leaves or brush or bark or something all around wherever.  Where is he pushing it to with that air?

All I can think about is the Nurse….  Wrote her something but not sure if she’s resting so I’ll wait till I know for sure.  Trying to distract myself, keep the writer busy.  How did I forget this wine, yesterday?

14:42…. How did that happen?  Plotting rest of day till leaving to pick up kids to heading to the loft and somehow figuring out dinner.