Site visit at 08:30 in American Canyon.  Arrived in office at around, what, 10:45?  Something like that?

Town Hall-style meeting with team, just now sipping the coffee I got with Andy at some gas station on whatever street that is in Napa or American Canyon.

A little frazzled but I’ll calm down.

Writing a summary of the meeting, then posting in our CRM, or what is basically our CRM, one point of reference and client notes, and what have.

Frustrated about something.  Then I find myself getting frustrated that I’m frustrated, and frustrated at the realization that I’m frustrated being frustrated.  Sipping coffee, already feel like I need a walk, or break, or something.

Uploaded notes and pictures.  First set of shots I’ve taken since starting this new story.  Keeping my attitude and reactive qualities placid….  More temporal I guess.

Loved every mile of the drive back here, on 29 and 12, Lakeville to 101.

Picture of the MPoE at this office, dusty and gritty, strangely beautiful and energizing.  I can only imagine this is the first of hundred if not thousands more.