10:42 —> Lovely.  The day sings to me.  The only mood I have is the one I chose.  Replaying parts of that call yesterday…. Developing a ten-point CRM model, for any business.  Not sure where I go this idea, but I kept saying to myself walking on California between the 200 and 400 block, “SIMPLIFY…. SINGULARIZE… AMPLIFY…”

Again where I’m going with this I don’t fucking know, but I’m scribbling in journal… purpose, story points, general conception.

Loving this day and my character, what I, have decided.


Fasting till tonight.  Not sure how that’s going to go, but I’ll do my best.  Minding tech, all the it means to a business and what he said yesterday on the call.  Meaning, I, am a tech company.  So… surrounding what?  Customer Care, PR, Customer/Client Relations.

Going deeper into it, something I just posted – HAPPINESS.  Choosing Happy, as Mom’s sign in the loft enforces.  So true… it’s that simple.  Exploring where I am, this office and the conference room, the sound booth in which I just made a call.

Last night’s wine, never had it before.  Treating the other blog as a client, if you would.  Wine…